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Cars Feb 7, 2021

Nelson Kia customer service is awesome. Not only do they take care of my vehicle correctly, but I also gt a complimentary car wash every time I visit. And,... since I purchased my tires from them I will get a free rotation and balance for the life of the tires!! I did not buy this vehicle from them, but I will buy from them in the future!

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Cars May 10, 2018

This is the only KIA Dealer that would FIX a KIA that they didn't even sell! Not to just trade it in and rid of the problem,they have Fixed the problem on Bank 1 and are fixing the same problem on Bank 2! All under warranty that the seller would not FIX! Salem is not the place to Purchase a KIA! Unless you never have a problem! 10 yr 10000 mile warranty means nothing to them! If its 2 good 2 be true,it always has been for me! Cheep and Good don't go together! Never Has!

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