Style and Convenience are Hatchback Hallmarks

If you're one of those drivers that traditionally has bought a sedan but doesn't want to join the world of SUVs or crossover, why not consider an in-between vehicle like a hatchback? If you're looking for a distinctive look along with convenience, a hatchback could be the vehicle for you.

Hatchbacks are much more stylish than traditional sedans, and in some ways, they're more stylish than SUVs. After all, everyone seems to have the latter, so why not be a maverick. Hatchbacks also offer the convenience of a rear liftgate, which is great for shopping and hauling cargo. You'll also get a lot more space for groceries, sports equipment and the like than with a regular sedan.

Curious about what hatchbacks have to offer? Stop by Nelson KIA in Bassett, VA to see our selection. Try one out for yourself on a test drive. Chances are you'll find your next car.

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