Although the latest cars are designed with modern features that give motorists strategic advantages on the road, some options shouldn't be used on wet roads because they can cause hydroplaning. If you use advanced tools properly, you'll never have to deal with severe handling problems on the road following major rainstorms.

Hydroplaning is a process that occurs when a car travels over soaked surfaces too quickly. In order to effectively steer a vehicle over wet road hazards, you'll have to manage your speeds properly. Cruise control won't help you regulate speeds, as the technology will keep the automobile within a specific speed range. If you only use cruise control on dry highways, you won't experience severe hydroplaning that could impact safety.

Although turbo tools can help you reach your destination quickly, you shouldn't activate these features on roads that have puddles. If your car moves at a speed that's over 10 miles per hour while traveling over a puddle, the weight of the vehicle will generate pressure under the tires, and hydroplaning will occur as the wheels roll quickly over the road hazard.

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